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Sprkle up your smile

Tooth gems can enhance your smile's aesthetics by adding a sparkling or colorful element to your teeth. They can draw attention to your smile and make it more eye-catching.

safe for your teeth

Tooth gems are a non-invasive way to change your smile. Unlike some other dental procedures, such as veneers, they don't require any alterations to your natural teeth.

Twinkles tooth gems are attached without any damage to the tooth's structure.

Show your style

Twinkles tooth gems come in various colours, shapes, and sizes, allowing for a high degree of customization. You can choose a gem that complements your style and personality, making it a unique addition to your smile.

GOLD White Gold Crystals

Keep it, or remove it

Tooth gems are not permanent and can be easily removed by a dental professional if you decide you no longer want them. This makes them a flexible choice for those who want to experiment with their appearance.

Easy to wear

Twinkles tooth gems require minimal maintenance. You can continue your regular oral hygiene routine without any special care.

Tooth jewelry is the jewelry you always bring with you!

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