If you are a dental professional

Watch the video and download our bonding instruction for reference. Most likely you have all the material needed for the procedure except the Twinkles or crystals.  
A chart over the collections can be downloaded and together with your order don’t forget to order the free poster kit in the accessories section. And don’t forget to order our free brochures and permit us to list your clinic our map. 

If you are a beauty professional

For beauty salons and parlours, already operating according to local sanitary and health rules we offer the comprehensive kit for bonding Twinkles in salons. You will find it here >>

The practice of bonding jewelry can easily be learned by watching our video and following our detailed instructions in our kit.

We don’t issue any certificates and we cannot offer any courses as we are located in Sweden.Some course providers will make their own certificate, but no health authorities have yet issued any official demands on what such a course have to entail. As the fashion is quite new there are no accredited courses or schools nor any certifications for tooth gems application.

Knowingly there are no restrictions for anyone to do this procedure outside of a dental office. Most likely you sort under the same sanitarian/health rules as tattoo artists and piercers. Please check with your local health authorities. We recommend buyers of our kits to attend locally administered courses in health and sanitation.

We supply only the adhesives and the jewelry, and have no knowledge of what instrument disinfectants are available and used in dental clinics in the different markets. I suggest you check the sanitation rules applicable in your area.

To register for our volume discounts on Twinkles and crystals

First, create an account here >>.
To identify you as a reseller, we auto tag your account when you place a qualifying order of $88 or more. Next time, log in to your account before placing your order. You will have 10% on orders up to $100 and 15 % discount on all larger purchases. Please note accessories are priced at wholesale prices and not included in the volume discount.

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Here you also find the quick order form.


Worldwide is USD 5 and for Australia/ America expect up to 15 days for delivery. We ship at the latest two days after received payment. Faster and traceable shipping are offered at checkout.

Guarantee you work?

Our suggestion is 3 months for crystals and 6 months for Twinkles. Because, if the bonding is not done right it will fall off within a week, if done right it will last a lot longer (years) than the guarantee. We cannot take any responsibility for the bonding as it is done by third party.
We guarantee the diamond setting in the gold for 3 years. If a diamond falls out, take a picture and send to us to claim. No guarantee is given for the crystals, but log in and read the special instructions for crystals here; https://www.twinkles.net/pages/bonding-toothgems

 Trademark and Copyright policy

By registering as reseller you accept Twindent's trademark policy. Twinkles is a registered trademark owned by Twindent. The trade mark shall only be published in accordance with Twindent trademark policy.
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Allowed variations of “Twinkles” are:
Twinkles dental jewelry
Twinkles tooth jewelry
Twinkles tooth gems
In combination with payoffs:- A reason to smile or -Designed for your smile

Crystals provided by Twindent should not be sold under the trademark Twinkles but “ Dental Crystals by Swarovski in accordance with Swarovski policy.

The publisher hereby acknowledge that he does not have and will obtain no proprietary interest in such trademarks and trade names and agrees not to use the same as part of his corporate or business name and to discontinue all use thereof immediately upon the termination of this Agreement. The use of trademarks and other symbols should be in strict adherence to published corporate image policies.


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